• April 2 2014

    We will be taking a break from 4th April to 13th April 2014. As we will be out of the country, all calls will be unanswered and all emails will be replied to on our return. We will take and more »

  • March 27 2014

    Not all tea making equipment are equal. Ask a tea lover for his or her ‘stuff’ and you will be treated to an array of teapots, gaiwans, tea trays even, but seldom do any tea lover talk about his or more »

  • March 13 2014

    On this site, I have made no secret of my endorsement of book learning for tea. Mind you there is no substitute for drinking a few renditions of Tieguanyin concurrently, to discern the effects of roasting, oxidation, harvest area or more »

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