Packaging & Measurement

For every first time purchase, we bundle a measuring spatula known as a 茶则 (cha ze). It may not be the most gorgeous or exquisite instrument around but it is immensely useful.

For starters, it provides us with a point of standardization. We understand that when we provide brewing instructions, not every household has an electronic weighing scale capable of identifying 1g or 2g weights. Having a common measuring spatula, we can have a synchronized volumetric standard which you will find in all our brewing instructions.

Why not a common household utensil such as a tablespoon then? When we are dealing with powder or even beaded tea leaves, it might be fine, not when it is whole tea leaves, especially larger leaves such as White Peony or Phoenix Dancongs for example.

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While we are on this topic, we would like to suggest you use this method of measuring out your desired quantity of tea leaves:

i)                    Hold the measuring spatula upside down

ii)                   Insert into a horizontally inclined packet of tea from the top






iii)                 Invert the entire packet together with the measuring spatula

iv)                 Remove the spatula filled with tea leaves

This is to avoid ‘digging’ into the tea leaves and breaking the brittle tea leaves. We sell whole tea leaves which provide a fuller flavor it would be a shame if you broke the leaves.

As a spatula is deeper than a common tablespoon, you need less ‘spoons’ of tea leaves to measure out your desired quantity and hence preserve the wholeness of the leaves better.



As for our pouches, these were chosen for a couple of reasons:

i)                    Opaque- tea leaves are damaged by direct lighting

ii)                   Soft- they are easier to fill using the method highlighted above

iii)                 Light- Cut down on postage cost

iv)                 Re-sealable- We double seal to ensure maximum freshness

v)                  Robust- Does not break easily during shipping

We hope that these little details will help enhance your enjoyment of our teas.

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