Jade Oolong (翠玉)


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Lightly floral, teasingly pleasant- the Jade Oolong is a perfect introductory oolong for newcomers and drinkers still getting their feet wet. With a lingering nectar like sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste, you will be enthralled by this little charmer.

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Hanyu Pinyin: cuiyu wulong
Production area: Zhusha, Nantou (Taiwan)
Harvest time: Spring 2012
Style: Light Roast
Cultivar: Cuiyu aka Taiwan #13


Clear light yellow


Floral fragrance


Soothing sweet taste with a refreshing aftertaste


Everyday drink

TCM Nature:

Mildly cooling

Fun fact:

This beautiful (and aptly named) Oolong is also known as Taiwan No. 13, Jade Oolong is the creation of Professor Wu Zhen Ze who named it after his mother (Jin Xuan is named after his grandmother), one of the 2 most important woman in his life.

Water temperature:

90-95°C/ 194-203°F

Infusion Time:

30 secs (increase 15 to 30 sec with each infusion after the 1st)


4g per 100ml (1 spatula)


5-6 times

Brewing Guide

1) Warm the brewing utensil with hot water

2) Add tea leaves

3) Add hot water and pour out immediately (This is known as blanching)

4) Add hot water and cover the lid

5) Steep for 30 secs

6) Pour out the liquor and serve

Recommended Brewing Vessel:

Gaiwan, Yixing pot, Easy Pot