Phoenix Dancong- Heavenly Fragrance (凤凰单丛- 通天香)


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Feel like you are transported away to the high mountains of Mt Wudong. Tantalize your senses with this truly exquisite and remarkable tea as you smell the natural refreshing aroma of ginger flower and savor the deep satisfying taste of this Dancong.

Price listed is for 50g


Cost per cup (150 ml):  US$0.24/S$0.30
Hanyu Pinyin: feng huang dan cong – tong tian xiang
Production area: Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, Guangdong
Harvest time: Spring 2012
Style: Light roast
Cultivar feng huang shui xian


Sharp floral with hints of ginger


Clear golden liquor.


Soothing sweetness that fills your entire throat and rises up to your mouth.


Everyday drink

TCM Nature:


Water temperature:

85°C/ 185°F

Infusion Time:

30 sec (increase 10 sec with each infusion after the 1st)


3g per 100ml (1.5 spatulas)


6 times

Brewing Guide

1) Warm the brewing utensil with hot water

2) Add tea leaves

3) Add hot water and pour out immediately (This is known as blanching)

4) Add hot water and cover the lid

5) Steep for 1 min

6) Pour out the liquor and serve

Recommended Brewing Vessel:

Gaiwan, Yixing pot

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