Yunnan Black (滇红)


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Yunnan Black or Dian Hong is one of the most beloved of China's black teas. It's rich aroma, full flavor and natural citrusy taste makes it an excellent choice of lovers of black tea. It's elegant reddish brown liquor adds a nice touch of elegance to this classy tea.


Cost per cup (150 ml):  $0.63
Hanyu Pinyin: dian hong
Production area: Fengqing, Yunnan
Harvest time: Spring 2011


Black tea


Also known as Yunnan Gongfu, this delightful tea consists of a bud and 2 leaves. Grown in Yunnan which is widely considered one of the origin habitats of the tea plant, the Yunnan Black is also one of the most highly regarded Chinese black teas around.

Brew up a pot and you will understand why- it’s aroma immediately captivates you and its taste has a depth that is unmatched among black teas.


Sweet, citrusy with hints of red dates


Golden brown with a gold rim


Elegant is the operative word when you describe the Yunnan Black. Whether it is the air she carries or the quite strength that inspires admiration, the Yunnan Black is the epitome of class.

Water temperature:

95°C/ 203°F


2 mins


3g per 100ml (1.5 spatula)


3 times

Brewing Guide

1) Warm the brewing utensil with hot water

2) Add tea leaves

3) Add hot water and pour out immediately (This is known as blanching)

4) Add hot water and cover the lid

5) Steep for 2 mins

6) Pour out the liquor and serve

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